Moment of honesty

Being in separate rooms has become so normal. I don’t even expect anything different when we are in the same room it is weird and somewhat awkward. It shouldn’t be this way considering we are married and have been married for twenty years. Any fool can see that we have drifted apart. We don’t hug, … Continue reading Moment of honesty


Selfishness is running rampant

After many many years of being a mother and a wife, I decided I needed to do something for myself.  It’s never anything major you know getting a pedicure, taking a walk, going to the gym.  Just something so I can have time to myself to think and remember who I am.  Needless to say … Continue reading Selfishness is running rampant

I have really been tripping lately

I was looking to you for my peace and my solace.  Not understanding exactly why.  You had become my drug, my addiction without me even recognizing it.  That feeling of freedom and relief that all my problems and issues disappeared.  You became a temporary fix for a problem that needs and permanent solution.  Temporarily you … Continue reading I have really been tripping lately