Majority doesn’t always rule

I am considered a plus size woman and I love it.  Yet, I am often trying to lose weight.  Many reasons spark my weight loss journey and intentions.  The most important being my health.  I have decided that yes I want to and need to lose weight (according to my doctor) but I still want to be what society considers “plus-size”.  I see women all of the time who relay to me they want to be a size 2, 4 or 6.  My question to those women is why.

Society has tricked us into believing that anything less than a size 8 is normal and as women we should strive to be this size or thinner.  I read an article that said 67% of American women are considered plus size (size 14 or larger).  If what this article is true why is society trying to make us feel like we are some freak of nature.  Through out history size was equated with status.  Those women who were thicker were wealthier because they could afford more than that those who were more frail.  Yet as time passed and society changed “skinny” became the norm and if you were not “skinny” you were not considered attractive or pretty and people made fun of you because of your size.

Society equates beauty with clothing size and a number on a scale.  I applaud anyone who works hard and loses an ample amount of weight to make them feel better and have a better quality of life.  If that is what they needed to do to be happy.  However, several people who have been overweight and lost an ample amount of weight still look in the mirror and do not feel pretty.

All of that to say, I was watching television, which doesn’t happen often and saw the show “Momma June from Not to Hot”.  At first I was thrilled that she had decided to get healthy and was almost interested in the show.  A few weeks later I saw her on the cover of People magazine, so I turned to her page.  I was truly appalled to see it cost her $75,000 to become a size 2.  I looked at her pictures and noticed that she was still wearing socks with really nice dresses.  My next thought was she can spend $75,000 to lose 300 lbs but she can’t get her toe fixed.

Have we become so vain as a society that we will spend an obscene amount of money on our body just to get others approval?  It appears that we have.  How can we teach our children to love themselves and who God created them to be when society is telling them something contrary to that.  It took many years but I have finally become comfortable with who I am physically.  It’s time we change the status quo and start looking at people from the inside out not the outside in.


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