Insecutity confession

So, I’m really big into quotes and today I came across a quote that really stood out to me.  The quote reads “A guy is only insecure about losing his girl when he knows someone else can treat her better.”  I thought about the quote and the different men who I come in contact with or have been in contact with and the quote does hold true.  The men who I know are not worried if their girl leaves can say without a doubt they have done and are doing everything they can to treat her like a queen.  As a matter of fact they are so confident they welcome another man to come and try to take her.  This is mainly because they know no one else can or will treat her as they are or have treated her.  The secure men in my life often let their girl or wife go out with friends and they also encourage her to take a girls trip and foot the bill.  As she is leaving they encourage her to have a good time and don’t worry about the kids because they got it.  Wow!!!! I know right.  When you know you are doing what your girl needs and some of the things she does not need there is no need to worry about another man or in some cases woman moving in on your territory.

On the flip side is that man who does not treat his woman like a queen.  That man questions everything.  He questions why she does everything even those things women do naturally to make themselves feel more like a woman.  That insecure man believes that everything is for someone else and his girl is constantly searching for something or someone better.  If that energy was spent trying to make sure he is all she needs he will not have to question her every move.  I am accustomed to getting questions like, Who are you wearing that for? Who are you getting your hair done for?  Why are you trying to lose weight?  In case you haven’t figure it out my man is quite insecure. One day I asked the question if I was interested in another man could you blame me?  And of course the answer was yes.  As a woman who is secure in herself, it is quite difficult to be with an insecure man. The things I do are for me and to make me feel good and to show the world that I am well taken care of but he sees it as for someone else.  Some random person who may or may not exist.  Yes, I know it’s ridiculous.

So, why do I continue to stay?  Mostly because I have learned to be comfortable in the situation. That doesn’t make it right but it’s a choice I’ve made. When I should have spoken up and said something I chose to be silent and allowed these things to continue.  I should have had the courage and strength to do what was best for me and my overall emotional state but I chose to follow my heart.  I’m not saying my heart is wrong but I’m saying sometimes it’s better to follow the path of common sense.  Is is too late? Absolutely not, just more complicated.  If you find yourself in a relationship with an insecure person don’t sit back and allow things to happen because you will lose you trying to save that person.  Nothing is worth losing yourself over.


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