Your eyes tell on you

Many people believe the eyes are the window to our soul.  If that is true, you bear your entire soul when you look at me.  I have never had anyone to look at me the way you do.  It’s so hard to explain.  It’s like you look through me and see parts of me no one has every been able to see and I have never been able to express.  The last time I saw you looking at me, I saw and felt the emotions from your comforting intense gaze.  I read a quote that said “Hide your eyes darling people can see your heart through them”and that day I saw your entire heart, completely transparent. The emotions attached to that gaze were so riveting and filled with love that I couldn’t look back at you.  I couldn’t allow my eyes to tell on me as yours did you, besides what would people think.  You don’t see the way you look at me but I do and so does everyone else around us.  I don’t see my face when I look at you, so to hide my feelings that undoubtedly would show on my face I chose not to look at you.  That does not help because as I am trying to evade your gaze, I can feel the hurt from my lack of acknowledgment.  I feel the disappointment, the uncertainty, the wonder and confusion that you exude.    I cannot explain it so I don’t try.  All I know is you are a part of me and you have been since the first day I met you.  Although your mouth says one thing you can’t control your emotions that flow from you like electricity.  Even when you say something, I feel and see something totally different.  I know you and you know me.  We are two yet we are one that will always be two.  I know that sounds strange but it makes perfect sense.  I know when something is wrong even when we do not speak or see one another.  You have even referred to us as a perfect fit.  I don’t believe anything is perfect, but much like me you know something more lies beneath the surface than either one of us is willing to admit. You can lie to me and I to you but our eyes don’t lie what they speak is always truth.


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