We are more than what you think

As women we spend the majority of our lives being who and what others think or want us to be.  As little girls we were taught to dress a certain way and always present yourself as a lady.  My mother would make me wear dresses so that I would look more “lady -like”.  We follow these rules and do what it expected of us and never say anything about the double standard and hypocracy that comes with being a woman.  

Many woment consider themselves to be sexual beings.  Unfortunately, if I take on several sexual partners I come with a negative stigma.  For example I would be one or all of the following: whore, slut, prostitute, nasty, dirty, fallen, temptress and many others.  However, for my male counterparts it is socially acceptable.  They become studs, players, manly and many other positive words that makes a man feel good about himself.  Why do women always have to carry the weight of negativity when they are simply doing what men have done for many years.  It is socially acceptable but that doesn’t make it right.  

As it pertains to the work place, men can be laid back and go with the flow and get promotion after promotion and several awards.  A woman who has the same demenor and is laid back will not see such success.  As women we have to work ten times harder and become known as a “bitch” in the work place to see half of the success of a man.  In addition, we have to listen to slanderous remarks made about us and be careful not be overstep our boundaries as it might hurt the man’s feelings or make him feel like less of a man.  What about our feelings?

What our society needs to understand is as women we do not want to walk ahead of the men nor do we want to walk behind them.  All we want is a seat at the table and an actual shot at being noticed as equal when it comes to certain things in this world.  Women are more than mothers, wives and playthings.  We are  and always have been a force to be reckoned with.  


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