Modern system/Ancient regulations

Ancient is what comes to my mind when I think of the education system today.  As educators we are constantly told to be innovative and firnd new and exciting ways to teach and motivate students in this society.  Unfortunately, we are expected to do this under antiquated rules and regulations.  I wholly understand the need fro rules and regulations, but why are we constantly asked to change our ways for changing times and the rules are never changing.  I once had someone say to me “We are fighting a new war with old rules.”  He couldn’t be more right. For example, students are not allowed to use electronic devices during the school day.  Yet, teachers are instructed to implement “bring your own device”.  How can these two policies coexist.  This is a prime example of an ancient rule that is supposed to fit in a modern, everchanging world.  I won’t even get started on the outdated dresscode  policy for students and teachers.

Society has an ancient almost unrealistic view of what educators should and should not do and look like in their private life.  Society holds educators to ancient expectations, yet looks down on and belittles educators whenever the chance arises.  In 2016 educators are still expected to fit the”status quo” when it comes to clothing, social life and speaking, just to name a few.  I remember going to a picnic once and being told I was not dressed like a teacher.  I wanted to ask “How is a teacher supposed to dress?” However, all I said is “School is not in and the kids will not be there.”

There seems to be this ancient concept that all teachers should look like the school marm from Little House on the  Praire.  All I can say is wake up world because unlike you and your antiquated views  education and educators have become modernized.


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