Why lie when the truth will do 

Someone once told me if a person will lie he will steal and if he will steal he will kill.  As a general rule I try as hard as I can not to lie.  Now, I know sometimes I fall short and I try to justify my lie by saying it was to keep from hurting someone’s feelings.  I am the type person who tries to help everyone and I genuinely want to see everyone prosper and be successful.  So, when someone I was trying to help told a blatant lie on me to my face, needless to say I was somewhat upset.  My delimma is the God in me says  continue to help this lying female but my flesh is rising up and I don’t want to give her the time of day.  I mean I don’t even want to speak to her and I don’t want to be in her presence.  It’s a struggle because I know she lied on me but the sad part is she actually believes her lies.  I so desperately want to ask her what did she think she would accomplish by lying.  Then I realize that will be wasted because she truly believes she what she said is true.  She said that I said something to her that she will never forget for as long as she lives.  She said I told her “she was not as strong as she thinks she is,” and I did say that.  However, I have been known to say a lot of hurtful things to people and use some words that cut like a knife. So, if that is all I said, well, I think I’m winning.  

So, what did I learn? I learned I can’t help everybody because some people want to be the victim in every circumstance.  No matter what you do that is good some people will seek out the negativity to make themselves out to be something they are not.  I can’t expect everyone to be receptive to my help and professional counsel but that shouldn’t keep me from trying.  In this case the person could not find any negativity so she resorted to lies.  Now, we all know that lies are a trick of the enemy and he is the father of lies.  This is a classic case of someone who couldn’t do what was expected of her and wanted to blame everyone and not take responsibility for her actions.  The ten million dollar question is why lie when the truth will do?  Those people who are contemplating lies, please do not do so at the expense of others just so you can get ahead or make others believe you are the victim.  


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