Mistakes are inevitable

Mistakes are a part of life. Our mistakes make us who we are and contribute to who we will utimately become.  Think about the person who created the pencil, he knew people would make mistakes, which is why pencils have erasers.  We all make mistakes, which is totally fine and should happen daily.  The issue with mistakes comes in when we continuously make the same mistake time and time again.  If we are not learning from our mistakes, it is safe to say we are not paying attention or we like the mistake so we continue to dabble in it.  I have made serveral mistakes and everytime I chalk it up to a learning experience.  After we make the same mistake time and time again it no longer becomes a mistake rather a habit.  Let me give an example.  Women often seek the same type guy for a long term relationship and when it does not work out the first time they find another guy with the exact same qualities and aske why do I keep making the same mistake.  What they need to realize is they are not making a mistake they have become creatures of habit and choosing bad men has become habitual.  When it comes to mistakes we should be like little children.  For example, when a young child touches a hot stove he learns that is not a good idea and the likelihood of that happening again is slim to none, unless they did not learn the lesson in the mistake.  We should approach mistakes like children approach hot stoves, let one time be the life lesson we need.  As people we often say “I didn’t know” as a way to justify our mistakes and that is fine until that becomes the answer five or six times.  That’s the moment others want to shake you and ask if you are mentally stable.  Everything is a process and bumps are expected along the way.  The mistake itsself is not what defines us, rather it’s how we handle the mistake.  What did that mistake teach us and how can it cause us to become better and more effective and efficient?  If we do not learn from our mistakes, much like history, we will be deemed to repeat them.  


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