Deprivation of Education

What can I say but deprive is something I know all too well.  Daily I see people deprived of so many things by society, education, parents, themselves and various other factors.  We allow others to deprive us of the life we deserve and the life we are ordained to have.  Society  has deprived so many of us for various reasons.  At one time we were deprived because of our skin color.  Now,we all know this still exists to a great extent but no one in the country would ever do such a thing, yeah right.  So, rather than deprive people based on skin color, people are now being deprived based on socioeconomic status and quality of education.  Unfortunately, most of those being deprived based on socioeconomic status are brown.

Our children are being deprived of a quality education.  What we fail to realize is if we do not educate our own children we are opening the door for others to come in a take what we believe should be ours.  That’s generally what happens when we all sit and say it’s not my problem.  Our children are being deprived of reading classic novels because someone decided those novels were not relevant because the children do not find the relevance in them.  Well, make them see what was relevant for Richard Wright, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Tennessee Williams, F. Scott Fitzgerald and many others is still relevant today.  We must teach them to dream about things other than professional athletics, models, actors, rappers, and any for of entertainer.  We have deprived our children of their imagination.  The words on the page let’s the imagination run wild.  Our children do not know how to dream because they no longer read books and are educated on or about dreamers.  As adults we want our children to be better than us but how can they if we don’t stress education and it’s importance like our parents did.

So many people talk about making America great again.  If we are truly going to make this country great it starts with our children and their education.  Perhaps we need to remember the words of the great Whitney Houston”I believe the children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way.” Even Isaiah 11:6 tells us “and a little child shall lead them.” We know our children will lead us and they are our future so let’s stop depriving them of the one thing that will ensure they have a bright future and are great, a quality education.

(I’ll address socioeconomic status at a later time.)


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