Let’s fill each other

As humans we recognize when our car is empty.  We know when our glass is empty, our bank account, our pantry, refrigerator pretty much most inanimate objects.  As soon as we recognize these things are empty or some type built in notification tells us they are empty we do what needs to be done to fill them up.  But if someone tells us they are empty, emotionally bankrupt, or have nothing else to give, very seldom do we poor into them to refill what they need.  Is this because we feel as it what we have to say will not help or perhaps we feel like we are half full ourselves and couldn’t possibly help someone else.  Many times when people are empty what they need is a simple hello, I love you, or some type reassurance.  If we ponder it long enough we know when those around us are empty because we steer clear of them and when asked why, we often reply with I was giving you your space or we choose to ignore it all together.

I know oh too well what empty is and the feelings it brings.  I have tried so many ways to fill the void and fill up my empty space.  I’ve tried relationships, some good but most bad.  I tried to fill the emptiness with people, they didn’t last long.  I’ve even tried to escape through a good book, but it came to an end.  Once I got done with all of these tactics, the emptiness still lingered.  So, one day I called on my heavenly Father to fill that void and it gives me great joy to say he has filled my empty spaces.  I no longer have to look to others and things to fill me up.  He truly is all that I need.  I had to ask Him to help me identify those areas and then ask Him to come in and fill me where I was empty and deficient. He also placed people around me who can fill my emptiness. Once he filled me he gave me what I needed to pour into others.  No, people don’t have an E over their heads to signify they are empty but they give signs that they need to be refueled and poured into.  If we would simply pay attention to those around us rather than becoming so consumed in our own issues we will see when people are in need of refueling and running on empty.  Rather than dumping all of our issues and negativity on others or standing by saying nothing, let’s empty positive, loving and caring words and gesture on them.  It can change someone’s life forever.   If emptying me can help someone else, that’s an emptiness I am glad to have.


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