Why Do I Need a Companion

Everyone needs a companion.  It is ordained that we have one, which is why God gave Eve to Adam.  Genesis 2:18 says “It is not good for man to be alone.” So God created Adam a helper, Eve.  The poet John Donne even wrote no man is an island.  So, why is it that so many people think and believe they are better off alone with no one.  It’s simply not natural to be alone. Yet we live in a society where people believe they are an island and can stand alone.  We all need a companion to help us when we cannot help ourselves. Without a companion who will pick us up when we are down and hold us up when we become weak. Your companion does not have to be a husband or wife or even a girl or boyfriend. A companion should be someone who is there for you when you need them.  Often we become so starved for affection that we will choose anyone as a companion no matter how toxic that someone is.  I believe a true companion should bring out the best qualities in us. Real companions should be those who make us want to be better and strive hard to be the someone who will make a real impact on someone else’s life.  Not only do we need great companions, we should practice being a good companion too.

Think about the cartoons kids watch.  Spongebob has Patrick, Mickey has Minnie, and Pooh has Tigger.  Each of these have a companion who is opposite of them yet brings out the best in them. Our companion does not have to be our identical but they should compliment us in some way.  A companion should know when something is wrong without us even saying a word and be ready to comfort us if needed.  Much like God gave Adam a helper, your companion should help you.  The relationship should be beneficial to both parties and definitely not one-sided.  Becoming the best you possible is why we all need a companion.  Companions not only give us comfort but they also make us strive for greatness.

The root word for companion is company, which can be defined as a group of people.  We may not want a lot of company but perhaps we should consider connecting with a good companion, it could change our life forever and for the better.  What do we have to lose other than loneliness?


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