Was your purpose served

Purpose is defined as the reason why something is done or created. I often sit and wonder what purpose certain people serve in my life and the purpose I serve in their life.  I can often see the impact I have had on their lives and many times they can see the impact they have had on me.  Sometimes I run into people who aren’t vocal and I can’t read, which leaves me wondering was my purpose served in their life.  Often, when we think of purpose we always go to positive areas.  Some people’s purpose is to be a challenge so that we will know how to deal or cope with other issues and difficulties in our lives.  I once had a coworker who gave me grief everyday and was constantly mean not matter what good things I did or said.  As a result I was constantly upset and only seeing the difficulties she was giving me.  Then I changed positions and encountered someone who is seemingly worse than she ever was.  This time I knew exactly how to handle the situation and not once did I fly off the handle and become irate.  I guess the other person’s purpose was to teach me to control my emotions.

What about when you don’t quite understand the purpose?  I have a really close friend who I met a few years ago and I could not and still have not figured out the purpose of us coming together.  Maybe I know it but I am just searching for more because I can’t fully understand the emotion that came with our meeting.  If I take the emotions out of the equation I guess I will understand the purpose of our meeting.  Purpose is tricky because we want it to be so deep and complex when in actuality the purpose is quite simple.  No matter who the person most people have the same ultimate purpose and that is to make us better.  Although the tactics may be different the outcome ultimately is the same.  We may not recognize it then but ultimately we become better because of every encounter we face, which all leads us to our God given purpose.

The road may be rocky, bumpy and filled with obstacle but ultimately it ends up in the same place.  We may not know what our God given purpose is but if we keep the course it will be revealed to us.


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