People Season

Seasons come and seasons go.  People are placed in our lives for a season and when that season is over and it’s time to transition to the next it can be difficult.  When the seasons change it’s a gradual occurrence over the course of weeks.  When the season is over for people it seems like it is so abrupt but in actuality it’s the same gradual process.  As people we recognize seasons are ending yet we continue to hold on.  Subtle things start to happen like we spend less time together, we don’t talk as often, or we rarely see each other.  We like to blame it on things like work, family or something random.  The thing we use the most is “I’ve been so busy.” We’re not too busy or any of those things it’s just a season coming to an end.  Perhaps we can look at it like a chapter ending and a new one beginning.  All we can do is hope the purpose in which we were put together was accomplished.  Sometimes we know the purpose and other times we don’t realize it until the season is over.  The most difficult thing about season changes for people is feelings.  We grow to love these people and they in some way become a part of us.  Some seasons we never want to end but sometimes our actions cut them short and it is for the better because of the direction our actions have taken things. Who knows maybe the people could be like actual season and come around again and be better than the first time.

I don’t want to believe our season is over but it seems like it is coming to an end.  Hopefully we will become better apart because I know I am better because of you.  The Lord placed us together for a reason.  I’m still know sure why but I am sure that neither of us are the same.


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