Changing my view

So many cliches are based on perspective, such as “you’re looking through rose colored glasses” or “you can’t see the forest for the trees”. At some point in my life I have heard both of these. Exactly what is perspective. Perspective is the way we see things or a point of view. The way you view your situation rather good or bad will ultimately determine the outcome. When we first venture into any type new situation we see everything perfectly because it’s new and our perspective is positive. However, as time goes on our perspective begins to change. We need to ask ourselves did the situation change or our perspective. Often times we do not need to change the situation, rather we need to change our outlook. That job is the same today as it was yesterday. That man is the same today as he was yesterday. We make a choice not to see the detrimental things in a situation because we are so eager to please someone or be right that we miss all the signs, good or bad. The situation that is good for us we cannot seeing do not want but the one that is not good or toxic for us has an arrow pointing saying pick me. After time passes we begin to want something different, something more fulfilling. When in actuality the situation was shit from the beginning. We couldn’t see it because of our perspective. We could find so much more happiness and be so much more productive if we can only change our perspective.We change our mind every minute why not do the same with perspective especially if it means becoming a better you. It worked for me it can work for you too.


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