Know then love

Tyrese made an interesting comment he said “I love you more than I know you.” When I heard that I was like wow. Maybe that was my issue. Love has overtaken me getting to know you. I guess that’s what people mean by love is blind. Once you fall in love with someone you don’t see them for who they really are because you have been blinded by love. I know love is not one of those things that can be turned on or off but it can be put on hold. At least telling someone you love them can be postponed. Getting to truly know someone is probably more crucial than love because you know exactly what you are getting into without any blinders. When you know someone the need to “change” him or her is not even an option because you know what you are getting into.
I was blinded by love and no matter how many times he showed me who he truly was, I would not see it because I “loved” him. My mother once told me when a person shows you who they are pay attention. I was not very attentive until recently. Why now after so many years? I don’t have an answer for that but I am glad I finally took the blinders off. Could it be that I am no longer blind because I no longer truly love him? That deep, intimate, passionate love I once had. That Bonnie and Clyde type of love. Maybe he was pretending and wearing a mask too and finally decided to unveil himself. If I took the time to know him, I would know that answer.


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